Giorgina Candelaria Wells

About the Artist

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to a family of artists, Giorgina first established herself as a landscape artist in the Southwest.  In 1973, she and her husband settled in San Francisco, California where she developed a fascination with the sea and sail.  This motivated her to become a marine artist studying watercolor at the San Francisco Art Academy.  She successfully integrated her training, natural talent, and love of sailing to have her work readily accepted among contemporary marine artists and become a member of the American Society of Marine Artists.

In 1980, she eventually opened her own studio gallery along San Francisco's waterfront and it soon became a local landmark for marine enthusiasts.  Her work has included numerous commissions for the U.S. Navy, Port of San Francisco, World Trade Club of San Francisco, the City of San Francisco, the Oakland Fire Department, as well as commissions for Matson Shipping and the Chevron Corporation.

While on sabbatical in 1992, she visited Washington state and decided to relocate to a picturesque fishing village called Gig Harbor.  It is here where you are welcomed to visit her in her studio.